Thea Harris was born on the Caribbean island of  Antigua. She developed a love for music, singing at a very young age with her two brothers and twin sister in an Acapella quartet.  Although she began singing in church, as Thea grew older, her involvement in church slacked and the authenticity of ministry in her music diminished.  She began gigging with various Jazz, R & B and Reggae bands and during that time acquired a great love for the freedom of expression found in Jazz, both vocally and instrumentally.  Offers began to come in from various producers to write and sing background vocals.

Though she found satisfaction in those offers, there was something missing from her life. Thankfully, it is in our weak moments that God can truly work. He called and Thea answered.  Her relationship with Him matured.  She also evolved artistically in her writing which began to develop from a deep place within – where God truly started to work.

She is now in a place of ministry that is clear, strong and artistically progressive. “Now God has done something awesome in me and released me to truly minister His heart,” she proclaims. She is not just another gospel artist stepping into a music career, but an instrument of God, utilizing her gift to usher in His presence as she yields to the Holy Spirit in a lifestyle that is an uninhibited expression of worship.

With the release of her first project, Secret Place, Thea won the 2009 South Florida Female Vocalist of the Year Award.  She also released the single, Live Right, and a reflective and artistically composed single, Intimacy. 

In 2014, Thea published her book, Pour the Oil Volume 1, followed by Volume 2 in 2015. They are excellent training resources for ministry team members, or a guide for those seeking greater spiritual growth. One reader said, “I would recommend this book to new believers wanting to grow their relationship with ABBA and old believers wanting to move their relationship with ABBA to the next level. Be prepared for the fire inside of you to be rekindled and to move in purpose” K. Foster. 

She currently serves as a Worship Leader at Resurrection Life Family Worship Center in Fort Pierce, Florida.